How Do I Homeschool In Oregon?

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Educating from home can have many advantages, both for parents and children. In the United States, each state has different regulations for families who wish to take this path.

Oregon’s state supports homeschooling. The state’s requirements are simple: notify your local district of the change in your child’s education within ten days after removing them from school or ten days after starting homeschooling and take regulatory tests to check the student’s academic progress.

Keep reading if you want to know more about the rules that regulate Oregon and how to homeschool according to established laws.

Homeschooling Options In Oregon

There is an option for homeschooling in Oregon. Students must be between 6 and 18 years old, a notification to the local district is required, the teacher must not be qualified for teaching, and the state does not have any required subject that must be taught, but it does have state standardized tests that must be passed.

Before You Begin Homeschooling In Oregon

Although the state of Oregon does not have regulations regarding the time invested in education, it is good to consider the availability that you will have to educate the student from home and provide the necessary knowledge to pass the state assessments.

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Oregon laws for homeschooling are simple:

First, you must send your Education Service District a notice that you are educating your child from home, called a Notice of Intent. It should only be submitted once when starting homeschooling. The Notice Of Intent form must be submitted within ten days of beginning the homeschooling process or within ten days of removing your child from school.

The form must have the name, address, date of birth, and the name of the previous school of who is being homeschooled. Within 90 days, you should receive a notification from your Education Service District approving the request.

Second, the student must undergo a standard state assessment in the third, fifth, eighth, and tenth grades.

Finally, if your child has a disability, their academic progress must be checked through a detailed evaluation.

You must fill out the Notice of Intent form at the appropriate time for the registration process and submit it. Then wait for the response from the local school district.

The cost of homeschooling can vary, depending on the educator’s planned activities. Items such as the curriculum, necessary materials, planning extracurricular activities, and field trips will determine the cost of homeschooling.

Choosing A Homeschool Curriculum In Oregon

The state of Oregon does not have an established curriculum that must be followed by law. Each family can choose the teaching method best suits the teacher and the student. One point to keep in mind is that the state does not have specific subjects that must be taken or a pre-established number of credits that the student must fulfill.

It is unnecessary to meet a minimum number of hours or days, but students need to be prepared for the assessments regulated by local districts.

Research your favorite teaching model and your child’s learning model to choose a suitable academic curriculum. This way, you can reach an agreement where the learning process is more enjoyable and efficient. Once an efficient learning and teaching style has been chosen, it is time to start researching and trying curricula until the best has been found.

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The number of home-based learning curricula to sort through can sometimes be overwhelming. To help get you started, here is a small list of well-known programs and companies. Remember, local libraries and community centers also offer valuable resources for family-friendly budgets at little to no cost.

  • Alpha Omega Publications offers a variety of learning methods with a Christian background.
  • Schoolhouse Teachers is great for parents who want to create an individualized lesson plan that meets their student’s academic goals.
  • ABC Mouse and Adventure Academy are from the same company and provide interactive learning activities from preschool to early middle school.
  • Hooked on Phonics is an excellent tool for language building and understanding.
  • Supercharged Science can be used from 1st through 12th grade and focuses on the mysteries of the scientific world using experiments and video lessons. 
  • Khan Academy, Duolingo, and K12 are other programs worth mentioning.

Record Keeping For Homeschooled Students In Oregon

It is unnecessary to keep any record in Oregon since the required tests students take in specific courses are usually sufficient. However, it is advisable to carry a portfolio of the student’s essays, assignments, and exams to present when starting college if they decide to attend, or show it in public school, if they decide to rejoin it. You can make a virtual folder to save physical space or have a tangible portfolio to hand out if needed.

Some universities request this portfolio with the admission application; therefore, saving the exams, projects, and significant works carried out throughout the educational process does not hurt.

Homeschooling And Special Education Services In Oregon

For children with special needs, the state of Oregon has few specifications. There is no other academic program for homeschooling students with special needs. Therefore, the parent must follow the law to notify the local school district about homeschooling.

However, children with special needs must be evaluated by special education services to measure their academic progress. The state does not prohibit homeschooling for these children, but it does recommend using specialists depending on the student’s needs.

Homeschooled Students And Public Schools Access In Oregon

Regarding access to public schools for students at home, the state of Oregon has a few rules:

  • The student can participate in the interscholastic activities of his local district public school if the student meets all the requirements to participate. The exceptions to these requirements are the compulsory classes taught at the school and the needs of the courses that administer the activities voluntarily.
  • Students must obtain a minimum score regulated by the State Board of Education standardized tests. At the end of each year, the student must take said evaluation to determine their eligibility to attend the coming year. The teacher should send the results to the district school. Another option is an agreement between the district school and the student’s parent or legal guardian. In this agreement, work tests will be submitted in a portfolio where the school will determine if the student is qualified to participate in the interscholastic activity to which they apply.
  • Homeschooled students must meet responsibilities and behave appropriately, just like public school students. If the student does not comply with the regulations, the school will have the right to deny participation in the activity they wish to pursue.

Testing And Graduation Requirements In Oregon

The state of Oregon has regulatory testing at some educational levels. Therefore, the student must know the topics taught to pass the evaluation and move on to the next course. Regarding graduation, Oregon has no regulations for homeschooled students.

Parents can decide when the student is ready for graduation and can award a high school diploma when they deem it convenient according to their educational progress.

Field Trips For Homeschooled Students In Oregon

For field trips, educators must assign students some work, essay, or exam that validates the knowledge acquired during the visit to ensure it was a school trip.

Some of the recommended places to make your field trip are:

  • A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village
  • Mission Mill Museum
  • Oregon Historical Society
  • Factory Tours
  • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
  • Oregon Coast Aquarium
  • Garibaldi Museum

It is advisable to review your budget and the attractions near your area before choosing where to make the field trip.

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Homeschool Associations, Groups, And Co-Ops In Oregon

Depending on your beliefs, the area where you live, your facilities, or your philosophy, you can find many groups and associations that go according to the teachings you give your child. It is an excellent way to get the child to make friends while the parents socialize.

Depending on your preferences, there are virtual and face-to-face groups. It is best to do your research before choosing an association to ensure the right choice. You can research online or even go to groups to talk about their activities.


Oregon is a friendly state for families who educate their children from home. The laws that must be followed are simple, yet they ensure the excellent academic development of the student.

Also, encourage students to participate in interscholastic and extracurricular activities in public schools. Therefore you should not be scared by your child’s socialization.


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