How Do I Homeschool In Wyoming?

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Educating at home is a practice that has gained momentum in recent times. However, formal homeschooling has processes and rules that govern it. Each state in the USA has different regulations, requirements, and recommendations.

In Wyoming, there are two ways to homeschool. First is through the district school, where the curriculum must be sent before beginning the year, and specific subjects must be included. The second is through a church, which should be consulted directly to inquire about its regulations for this option.

If you are interested in knowing how to homeschool in the state of Wyoming, its rules, the costs involved, how to choose the curriculum, requirements for exams and graduation, and much more, keep reading this article.

Homeschooling Options In Wyoming

There are two options for homeschooling in Wyoming. First, you must send your curriculum of choice to your local district and teach the subjects required by law—the second, homeschooling on behalf of a parish, church, or religion.

The required age for homeschooled students is 7 to 16 years old. Some subjects must be included in the academic program each year. On the other hand, the teacher does not need any qualifications, and it is unnecessary to do annual evaluations for the state.

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Before You Begin Homeschooling In Wyoming

Before deciding to study at home, ensure you have the time this practice entails. Before starting the school year, homeschool parents must send the chosen curriculum to the district school. Therefore they will have to dedicate time to it during school holidays. Also, it is necessary to be available for questions and concerns your child may have during classes.

For homeschooling, the state of Wyoming gives you two options: educate under public school regulations or educate under church regulations, and each one has different requirements by law:

  • The first, homeschooling under district school regulations, has two requirements. One is to send the curriculum you decide to use each year to the local school in your district. The other rule is to add to your academic planning the subjects of writing, mathematics, history, reading, science, civics, and literature. These subjects must be taught every year.
  • The second is homeschooling under the regulations of a church of the religion you prefer; you should contact your parish or church of choice and ask them about their rules for homeschooling.

Wyoming does not have a registration process for homeschooled students. You only have to send your chosen curriculum before the beginning of the academic year each time you start a new one.

The costs of homeschooling vary depending on each family and their budget. Variables such as the curriculum, materials needed during the year, planned activities, and field trips can significantly impact the amount of money you should budget. Each school year can cost between $500 and $1800 per child.

Choosing A Homeschool Curriculum In Wyoming

In Wyoming, the curriculum is left to the parent’s choice. The most advisable thing is to investigate your teaching method and the learning method your child prefers. Thus, the classes can be taught more enjoyably, and you can choose the appropriate curriculum for both.

Some popular choices among other homeschooling families are:

Remember that you must send it to your local district school no matter what curriculum you decide to get.

Record Keeping For Homeschooled Students In Wyoming

In Wyoming, it is not required to carry periodic documentation of activities. However, making an academic portfolio of your child for the future is advisable. Evaluations, exams, assignments, projects, and essays can be useful when applying for a university. This portfolio will help you check your child’s academic progress during homeschooling.

Homeschooling And Special Education Services In Wyoming

Wyoming does not have any additional regulations for homeschooled children with special needs. There will be no problem with the state if you are updated with homeschooled kids’ general rules and requirements.

It is advisable to visit a specialist to guide you to the learning method your child needs according to his particular need.

Wyoming does not offer funds to parents who homeschool their children with special needs. However, some public schools in the state provide monetary aid to parents who decide to make this decision.

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Homeschooled Students And Public Schools Access In Wyoming

The state of Wyoming allows all homeschooled students to participate in all local district school activities and sports teams. The school may charge additional charges for the participation of part-time students in the activities, but these charges cannot be higher than what would be assigned to a full-time student. Homeschooled students must comply with all the requirements and rules of the activities they will participate in.

If you want to leave homeschooling and enroll your child in a public or private school, you have to contact the school’s administration, who will give you what you need to get started. This transfer can be at any time of the year.

Testing And Graduation Requirements In Wyoming

Wyoming does not have any requirement for evaluations of homeschooled students, and parents decide when and how to evaluate. However, if the student wishes to enroll in the local Wyoming university after graduation, he must take a standardized assessment that verifies the student’s academic level.

For graduation, the parent or legal guardian decides when they consider the child ready to graduate and present him with a homeschool diploma. There is no specific amount of credits that the student must take. Still, if they wish to attend the university, it would be convenient to review the admission requirements of the desired university.

Field Trips For Homeschooled Students In Wyoming

Field trips are an excellent complement to student learning, and homeschooled ones are no exception. These educational trips help connect the student’s interest with the lessons being taught, positively change the environment, and promote education in a fun and dynamic way.

Some recommendations for excursions in Wyoming are:

  • The Nez Perce National Historic Trail
  • Fort Phil Kearny Historic Site
  • Nicolaysen Art Museum and Discovery Center
  • Governor’s Mansion State Historic Site
  • Curt Gowdy State Park
  • Fort Fetterman Historic Site
  • Wyoming Pioneer Memorial Museum
  • National Bighorn Sheep Center
  • Bear River State Park
  • Edness K. Wilkins State Park
  • Independence Rock State Historic Site
  • Hawk Springs State Park
  • Fort Laramie National Historic Site
  • National Museum of Wildlife Art
  • Piedmont Charcoal Kilns State Historic Park

Remember to assign an exam, project, or essay to verify what was learned during the field trip and save it in the academic portfolio. Otherwise, it would be more of a family trip than a school trip.

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Homeschool Associations, Groups, And Co-Ops In Wyoming

Groups and associations are essential for the proper development of classes at home. On the other hand, parents find a community of families who educate their children from home and share experiences and advice.

Here, the child learns with other children and can socialize and make friends simultaneously. The groups have different activities, such as talent shows, family days, school dinners, and field trips. Also, classes such as physical education and science fairs can be taught to do group projects.


Wyoming is a homeschool-friendly state. The requirements are straightforward, and you can educate under the bylaws of the local public school district or the direction of the church of your choice.

A recommendation would be to research with other families about their experience, the pros and cons, expenses, and further details that may interest you.


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