Top 7 Online Homeschooling DIY Craft Resources

Online Homeschooling Craft Resources

Discover the top 7 online homeschooling DIY craft resources: Craftsy and Creativebug for expert-led tutorials, Kids Activities Blog for nature-inspired crafts and science experiments, for creative challenges and skill badges, The Spruce Crafts for crafting ideas and essential tips, Artful Parent for engaging projects and sustainable crafting, and Hands On As We Grow for educational activities. Explore these resources to enhance your homeschooling experience with fun and enriching craft projects.

Key Points

  • Craftsy & Creativebug: Online tutorials with expert instructors and supportive community for diverse craft categories.
  • Kids Activities Blog: Offers outdoor adventures, science experiments, and engaging activities for kids.
  • Provides DIY challenges, skill badges, and interactive workshops to foster hands-on learning.
  • The Spruce Crafts: Encourages skill building with crafting ideas and tutorials for all levels.
  • Artful Parent: Creative project ideas, craft supplies recommendation, and tips for fostering artistic expression.


Ready to immerse yourself in the world of DIY crafts through online homeschooling resources? Craftsy is a fantastic place to begin your creative journey. Craftsy offers a plethora of online tutorials designed to inspire and educate homeschooling families in the art of crafting. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced crafter wanting to refine your skills, Craftsy has something for everyone.

Craftsy's online tutorials cover a wide range of craft categories, including sewing, knitting, painting, and more. The platform provides step-by-step guidance, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience. With detailed instructions and video demonstrations, you can easily follow along and create beautiful projects right at home.

Moreover, Craftsy offers a supportive community where you can interact with fellow crafters, share ideas, and seek advice. This sense of camaraderie enhances the learning experience and fosters creativity.


Immerse yourself in a world of creativity with Creativebug's extensive collection of online craft classes and tutorials. Creativebug offers a plethora of craft tutorials suitable for all skill levels, making it a fantastic resource for those looking to explore various crafting techniques.

Here's what you can expect from Creativebug:

  • Diverse Craft Tutorials: From knitting and painting to sewing and jewelry making, Creativebug covers a wide range of crafts to cater to different interests and preferences.
  • Inspiring Home Decor Ideas: Whether you want to spruce up your living space or add a personal touch to your home decor, Creativebug provides innovative ideas and step-by-step guidance to help you transform your living space.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from experienced instructors who provide detailed instructions, tips, and tricks to enhance your crafting skills and bring your creative visions to life.

With Creativebug's vast array of craft tutorials and home decor ideas, you can unlock your creativity and elevate your DIY projects to new heights.

Kids Activities Blog

Explore a treasure trove of creative ideas and educational resources on the Kids Activities Blog. Immerse yourself in a world of outdoor adventures where your kids can discover nature through fun and engaging activities. From backyard scavenger hunts to nature-inspired crafts, the blog offers a variety of ways to keep your little ones entertained while learning about the environment.

Looking to ignite your child's curiosity in science? The Kids Activities Blog is the place to be! With a wide range of science experiments suitable for various age groups, you can transform your home into a mini laboratory and observe as your kids marvel at the wonders of science. Whether it's creating a volcano eruption or growing crystals, these experiments aren't only educational but also incredibly thrilling.

Explore the world of, where you can access a plethora of hands-on projects and creative challenges to inspire young learners. offers a vibrant online community where kids can ignite their creativity and skills through engaging activities and challenges.

  • DIY Challenges: Immerse yourself in a wide array of DIY challenges that range from simple crafts to more intricate projects, providing endless opportunities for kids to learn and express themselves creatively.
  • Skill Badges: Earn skill badges by completing various projects and challenges, showcasing your accomplishments and encouraging continuous learning and skill development.
  • Creative Workshops: Join interactive creative workshops led by experts in different fields, allowing kids to explore new interests and techniques while honing their craft.

At, the emphasis is on fostering a love for hands-on learning and creativity. Join the community, spark your imagination, and set off on a journey of discovery and skill-building through fun and engaging DIY projects.

The Spruce Crafts

Explore The Spruce Crafts, a treasure trove of creative inspiration and crafting ideas for all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner looking to try your hand at a new hobby or an experienced crafter seeking fresh projects, The Spruce Crafts has something for everyone.

This platform encourages parental involvement, making it an ideal resource for homeschooling families looking to engage in meaningful activities together.

With a focus on skill building and creativity development, The Spruce Crafts offers a wide range of tutorials and guides to help you master various crafting techniques. From simple paper crafts to intricate DIY projects, there's no shortage of ideas to spark your creativity.

The website also provides valuable information on essential craft materials, helping you gather everything you need to bring your ideas to life.

Artful Parent

Are you looking for fresh ideas to spark creativity in your children's homeschooling routine?

Artful Parent provides a wealth of creative project ideas that are perfect for engaging young minds.

From craft supplies recommendations to valuable tips for parents on fostering artistic expression, Artful Parent is your go-to resource for all things art-related during homeschooling.

Creative Project Ideas

Discover a plethora of engaging and creative project ideas on Artful Parent to spark your child's artistic imagination and foster their love for crafting. Here are some exciting project ideas you can explore:

  • Upcycled Materials:

Encourage sustainability and creativity by using everyday items to create unique crafts. From turning old jars into lanterns to repurposing cardboard boxes into treasure chests, there are endless possibilities for upcycled projects that will inspire your child's inventiveness.

  • Nature-Inspired Crafts:

Take advantage of the beauty of the outdoors by incorporating natural elements into your art projects. Whether it's creating leaf rubbings, making flower petal collages, or crafting pinecone animals, nature-inspired crafts won't only stimulate your child's creativity but also deepen their appreciation for the environment.

  • Recycled Crafts for Seasonal Decorations:

Get into the spirit of the season by making festive decorations using recycled materials. From crafting ornaments out of old CDs to creating wreaths from cardboard tubes, seasonal decorations made from recycled materials aren't only fun to make but also promote eco-conscious crafting practices.

Explore these ideas on Artful Parent to add a touch of creativity to your homeschooling curriculum.

Craft Supplies Recommendations

To further enhance your child's crafting experience and guarantee they've the necessary materials to bring their creative ideas to life, Artful Parent provides valuable recommendations for craft supplies that will inspire and support their artistic endeavors.

When looking for craft supplies, consider exploring online marketplaces for a wide range of options at your fingertips. Websites like Etsy or Amazon offer diverse selections of materials, tools, and craft kits that can cater to various interests and skill levels.

If you're on a budget, don't overlook discount stores where you can find affordable yet quality art supplies. These stores often carry basics like paper, markers, and glue that are essential for many craft projects.

Additionally, specialty shops are great for unique and specialized items that can add a special touch to your child's creations. Whether you're searching for specific types of paper, beads, or paints, these stores can provide a curated selection that might spark new ideas and creativity in your child's crafting journey.

Tips for Parents

For parents seeking valuable guidance and insights into fostering their child's creativity through crafting, Artful Parent offers practical tips and strategies to support and nurture artistic exploration at home.

Parental involvement is essential in encouraging your child to explore their creative outlets. Spending quality time engaging in crafting activities together can strengthen your bond and inspire your child's imagination.

Artful Parent suggests incorporating various learning styles into your crafting sessions to cater to your child's individual preferences and strengths. By understanding how your child learns best, you can tailor craft projects to enhance their skills and knowledge effectively.

Effective time management is key when juggling homeschooling and crafting activities. Setting aside dedicated time each day for creative endeavors can help create a routine that nurtures your child's artistic development while also balancing educational requirements.

Embracing these tips from Artful Parent can lead to a fulfilling and enriching homeschooling experience for both you and your child.

Hands On As We Grow

Looking for fun and educational craft activities for your kids?

Hands On As We Grow offers a plethora of creative learning projects perfect for homeschooling.

From simple art ideas to more complex DIY projects, this resource is sure to keep your little ones engaged and inspired.

Craft Activities for Kids

Discover a plethora of engaging and hands-on craft activities for kids on Hands On As We Grow's website. Get ready to explore a world of creativity using recycled materials and embracing outdoor nature through sensory activities.

Here are some exciting options for your little ones:

  • Recycled Materials, Upcycling Crafts: Immerse yourself in the world of upcycling with craft projects that repurpose everyday items like cardboard tubes, plastic bottles, and egg cartons. Teach your children the value of sustainability while creating fun and unique masterpieces.
  • Outdoor Nature Exploration: Encourage your kids to connect with nature by incorporating natural elements like leaves, rocks, and flowers into their crafts. Take the creativity outside and let them explore the beauty of the world around them while creating beautiful art inspired by the outdoors.
  • Sensory Activities: Engage all their senses with sensory-focused craft projects that involve textures, scents, and sounds. Let them explore their imagination through activities that stimulate touch, smell, and hearing, providing a holistic crafting experience.

Creative Learning Projects

Explore a variety of engaging and educational creative learning projects offered by Hands On As We Grow. Immerse yourself in hands-on learning experiences that encourage artistic expressions and promote creative exploration for educational fun. Hands On As We Grow provides a wealth of resources for parents and educators looking to enhance learning through interactive and imaginative projects.

From building simple machines with household items to creating colorful sensory bins, the creative learning projects available cater to a wide range of interests and learning styles. These activities are designed to spark curiosity, foster critical thinking skills, and inspire a love for learning in children of all ages.

Engaging in hands-on learning not only allows children to experiment and problem-solve but also helps them develop fine motor skills and boost their creativity. Through artistic expressions and creative play, kids can grasp complex concepts in a fun and interactive way, making the learning process enjoyable and effective.

Embark on a journey of discovery and learning with Hands On As We Grow's creative learning projects today!

Homeschool Art Ideas

Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and artistic exploration with these inspiring homeschool art ideas from Hands On As We Grow.

When looking for engaging art projects for homeschooling, consider the following:

  • Nature Inspired Projects: Encourage your child to connect with the beauty of the natural world through art. Create leaf rubbings, paint rocks, or make a nature-inspired collage using materials found outdoors.
  • Recycled Material Crafts: Teach your child the importance of sustainability and creativity by engaging in recycled material crafts. Turn old cardboard boxes into a 3D sculpture, create a mosaic using scrap paper, or design jewelry from bottle caps.
  • Seasonal Art Activities: Embrace the changing seasons by incorporating seasonal art activities into your homeschool curriculum. Make snowflake prints in winter, paint blossoms in spring, create sun catchers in summer, or craft leaf animals in autumn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are These DIY Craft Resources Suitable for All Ages?

Yes, these DIY craft resources cater to various age groups. They offer a range of projects suitable for different skill levels. The key is to pick activities that align with your interests and time commitment.

Can I Access These Resources on My Mobile Device?

Yes, you can access these resources on your mobile device. The mobile compatibility guarantees a seamless user experience. Some platforms even offer offline access with download options, allowing you to enjoy crafting activities anywhere, anytime.

Do These Platforms Offer Live Virtual Classes?

Yes, these platforms offer live virtual classes to enhance engagement levels and promote student interaction. They also provide time flexibility with various scheduling options, allowing you to tailor your learning experience to suit your needs and preferences.

Are There Any Free Trial Options Available?

Yes, there are free trial options available on some platforms. Pros include getting a feel for the content before committing. Cons may involve limited access or features. User reviews can offer insight into the value. Consider popular projects when exploring.

Can I Purchase Craft Supplies Directly Through These Websites?

When exploring these sites, you'll discover a treasure trove of craft supply options at various prices. Most offer convenient shipping and delivery options, making it easy to get your hands on the materials you need.

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